Most Common Question Asked in Office about CBD


  1. What is CBD?

    • CBD is extracted from stem and leaves of the hemp plants. With CBD there is NO psychoactive effect to the body, and many people use CBD with various aliments.

  2. Will CBD Oil get me high?

    • CBD oil will not get you high. The portion of the hemp plant that gets you high is the portion with THC in it. If you are taking CBD, you will not get high since there is NO THC in the CBD. THC is the portion of the plant that will give you psychoactive effect or the high where CBD has NO psychoactive effect.

  3. How fast does CBD work?

    • This depends on the symptoms that you are experiencing but also the route you take, whether it is orally, topically, vaping, capsules, or edible. If you are taking it orally you may notice the effect within minutes, but every body system and receptors are different meaning, there is a variation between everybody.

  4. What can I use CBD for?

    • Pain relief

    • Anxiety

    • Depression

    • Anti-Inflammatory

    • Seizures or Convulsions

    • Reduction of migraines

    • Decreases muscle spasms or tremors

    • Relaxing the body

    • Sprains

    • Much More!

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