7 Tips to Avoid Catching the Cold and Flu


Tis’ the dreaded season; cold and flu season! Unfortunately, it is that time of year where noses are runny, throats are sore, and coughs are heard around the world! Sickness can strike at any time but the fall and winter seasons ahead of us are particularly common times to become ill. But, have no fear, Malchar Wellness is here to help you stray away from the sickness and live a

  1. Go to bed! Sleep is very important, especially when trying to reduce your chances of getting sick. Humans need and average of 7-9 hours of sleep per night to function properly the next day. When you don’t get enough sleep, you increase the chances of getting ill. Make sure you get to bed at a reasonable time, shut the TV off and put the phone down to get the most out of your resting time!

  2. Wash those hands! Make sure you are washing your hands often and thoroughly. To keep those germs away you need to wash your before and after eating, coughing or sneezing, after traveling via public transit or being outside for a while. Soap and water are the best option for hand washing but if access is limited be sure to keep an alcohol-based sanitizer handy. Also try your best to keep your hands away from your eyes and face.

  3. Drink up! And this doesn’t mean alcohol or sugary beverages such as soda and juice. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water or herbal tea. If plain water is to bland try putting slices of fruit in it to make it more appetizing.

  4. Don’t Stress. Elevated stress levels particularly for prolonged periods of time can lower your immune system causing susceptibility to all sorts of diseases. Make sure you are making time for yourself and engaging in stress reduction activities such as meditation or yoga, going for a long walk, listening to music or watching a movie.

  5. Move regularly! Another way to combat illness is exercise. Regular physical activity slows down the release of stress hormones which mentioned above equals to better immunity. So, find an exercise you love to do such as spin class, Zumba, or weight lifting and be sure to sanitize before and after using the exercise machines!

  6. Eat the rainbow! Eating a wholesome diet including a variety of fruits and vegetables will not only boost your immunity but add to your overall well-being. Fruits and vegetables are packed with essential nutrients that will nourish your body and make you feel good.

  7. Stay Home! If you feel like the sickness has already hit, then stay home and rest. It is important to be in tune with your body’s signals and often most people force themselves to go to work and end up prolonging their sickness. Therefore, take time to recuperate and the sickness should subside in no time!