You won't need to Obsess over Calories on FirstLine Therapy!


Everyone assumes that when they diet the first thing they have to do is start counting their calories. Obsessing over every label, every recipe, making sure that we don’t eat anything with too many calories, so we don’t have to skip meals later. Not only that, but also that we need an obscenely small number of calories to achieve weight loss. Less calories taken in less time it takes to lose weight, right?

“If I only eat 1000 calories I’ll lose my 5 lbs so much faster”

“I know I’m supposed to eat 1500 on my diet but I’m not even that hungry and I have to lose this weight fast so I’ll cut that down to 1100”

When we start to get into this mentality we focus way too much on the calorie content of foods and forget all about the nutritional value. We cut foods left and right to keep our calories down, even if some of those foods are nutritionally beneficial.

“I can’t have that slice of bread because its 200 calories”

“That salad is 600 calories?! I’ll just take half the bowl of lettuce with no dressing”

“Chicken and rice has so many calories I could just eat some celery for dinner”

Listen you may think some of that sounds dramatic but believe me there really are people who say things very similar and have that mentality. Don’t get me wrong, I completely understand how that could happen. So much on the internet makes us believe that we need to focus on calories only and not worry about the nutrients our body needs. As long as we only eat 1500 calories it doesn’t matter how we distribute them. I’m here to help show you how you can throw out the calorie counting and not feel like you have to starve to lose weight.


Now I know that I told you before you can still enjoy all of the foods you like while eating healthy, as long as we pay attention to portion and moderation. This is very true however, we still need to make sure we are getting our protein, grains, fruits, veggies, dairy and fats (YES fats, there are vitamins that need a fat source for absorption). Obviously, we still want to not be consuming 3000 calories at the same time but trust me if you follow the recommendations your body needs it will be nearly impossible to overeat.

Okay so how do I know how much of each macro I need?

The answer is simple: FirstLine Therapy

Using this program will allow you to know exactly how many portions of each macro you need throughout the day and will also teach you how to identify what one serving size consists of. You’ll be eating from the Mediterranean diet, so your food choices are not very limited and you have plenty of dishes to create within your healthy eating “limits”. 

The best part about first line therapy? NO CALORIE COUNTING.

Yes you heard it right, there is NO focus on the calories. Even when tracking your food there is no calorie count worries. So no more looking at your day thinking that you only have 300 calories left for dinner, or that you want to lose 5 lbs so you should eat 300 calories less daily to hit your target weight faster. First line therapy allows you to eat delicious food and not have any guilt while doing so.

So put down the calculators and get ready for a lifestyle change that will make you forget you ever worried about that piece of bread having 200 calories.

  • By Kate G - Assistant Lifestyle Educator