Why I Believe in the Power of the Comeback

To those of you who have been to MWC you may remember me from my time as the front desk receptionist. My name is Samantha and over the last year d a half I’ve made the transition to General Manager and I don’t get the pleasure of seeing you like I used to. Because of that I want to share with you a big change that happened in my life and how Dr. Malchar and Center are helping me get my life back.

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My whole life I’ve been an equestrian. I enjoy the connection I get from riding horses and have always striven to be the best rider I can be. All of that came to a screeching halt in December 2017. On a trip to Vermont to try out a horse that was for sale I had a terrible accident. I wrecked my body completely. I dislocated 4 knuckles and lost some bone in my right ring finger which was replaced with metal. Due to that I have lost 45% use of my right hand (which is my dominate hand). I also ended up with a condition called traumatic dextroscoliosis; an injury that causes a spinal deformity from an intense impact. Basically a portion of my mid back has shoved towards the right into my ribs. This condition can lead to Post-traumatic kyphosis which develops in the ligaments of the spinal cord after an injury. This type of kyphosis can result in chronic, disabling pain.

I haven’t lived a single day without pain since this accident. Not a single one. I’ve had to reevaluate how I approach my day to day activities, had to learn how to write again, and am coping with being functionally disabled for the rest of my life after just turning 30 that year. I am grateful that this was not a life ending moment and I am humbled each day knowing people out there live with so much worse.

I tell you this story not to gain sympathy. l do this so that you know that the consequences of this have been so much more than pain and how the team here is helping me take back control of my health! I spent my whole life eating however I wanted to. Being so physically active helped me fight off the lagging metabolism that comes in your late twenty’s. After my accident my physical activity came to a dead halt. In the last year I have gained 60 lbs. I cannot do traditional exercise due to loss of function in my hand and the terrible pain in my back so I needed a new approach!

In comes our new lifestyle educator Alison O’Rourke. Alison is such a wonderful addition to the MWC! In conjunction with the fantastic Chiropractic care I receive from Dr. Malchar, Alison has been working with me in our FirstLine Therapy nutritional program to take control of my diet and teach me new ways to live a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. I can genuinely say with the knowledge I ave gained from participating in FirstLine Therapy program I am on the path to being the best version of myself I can be. I’m being walked through each step of the program, learning how to cook better meals, and I am learning how I can make this more than a diet but a way of life that will serve me for decades to come. Today I hit 5 lb weight loss goal we set together 2 weeks ago and I’m more motivated than ever to use this program to change my life.


I hope that my story inspires you to come and see what FirstLine Therapy and the amazing team here at MWC can do to help you live your best life. We all have challenges, and no one is perfect…. but I can promise you with my whole heart that these women care about you and want you to live life to its fullest. (And eat amazing food in the process)

If you would like to meet with Alison to talk about how FirstLine Therapy can change YOUR LIFE please click the button below to sign up for you FREE consultation.

What is your health worth to you? Because I didn’t value mine until it was gone…

Samantha - MWC General Manager

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