The Case For Eating Breakfast


Who has time for breakfast anymore, right? Today we have to get to work before rush hour traffic, get the kids off to school, or we are up all night and trying to squeeze every last second out of our bed before our third alarm goes off. Breakfast isn’t a big deal, right? We can just get something while we’re out, or eat a snack once we’re at work, or maybe just take an early lunch since we’ll be starving by 11. They say it’s the most important meal of the day but people say a lot of things, so this can’t be true, can it?

Unfortunately, in this scenario those people are most certainly right. There are many reasons why breakfast is a crucial part of our day, and why skipping it could actually hurt our health (especially if we are trying to lose weight…skipping meals = no go).

One of the main benefits of eating breakfast is kicking on our metabolism early in the morning. While we’re asleep our body uses us our sugar reserves as a source of fuel. This process in turn slows down our metabolism and drops our blood sugar. Not too big of a deal when we’re sleeping, I know. The problem is we still suffer from low blood sugar and depleted energy when we wake up. This is where the breakfast thing comes in. By eating a nutrient filled breakfast we are able to replenish the energy source our body needs to keep us going in the morning, and also get our metabolism kicked on so our body can burn off some extra calories throughout our work day. The brain also needs that fuel to help us come out of that sleepy fog and be ready for the day ahead. Breakfast is starting to sound a little better, isn’t it?

But okay, you’re still not sold. The time crunch in the morning still outweighs losing 15 minutes of sleep to wake up early and prepare something to eat. What if I told you skipping breakfast can actually make us gain weight? Don’t believe me? Think about how much hungrier you are throughout the day because you skipped that first meal. Sitting at your desk 20 minutes into work you’re already thinking about when you’re going to take lunch or breaking out the snacks that you packed to last you an 8-10-hour day. Overeating is a very real thing and can especially happen when we skip meals (particularly when we skip the first one of the day). You’re depriving the body of the fuel source it needs first thing in the morning, and then we spend all day trying to play catch-up maybe with 1…2….3 extra snacks. Think about those snacks adding up, when all we needed to do was eat some fuel when we first started our day.

Listen I get it. We all have a busy schedule that starts first thing in the morning. No one has time to break out the griddle for some eggs or spend the morning cutting up fruit for our granola. But hear me out, there are plenty of recipes that can be prepped the night before to ensure that we can grab and go with a lot healthier of an option than that bacon egg and cheese wrap we rely on. The video included touches on a few of those recipes but doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of possibilities.

Trust me, my schedule is just as packed as yours, and I’m just as picky of an eater as you (especially when it comes to breakfast) but if I can make it happen so can you. Search recipes, get creative, you never know you could stumble upon your new favorite breakfast that can be prepped and ready in 20 minutes. The world of breakfast possibilities is endless. Just remember, we want a healthy, nutritious breakfast!

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Kate Guilmette - Assistant Lifestyle Educator