The Word "Diet" Doesn't Need to be in Your Vocabulary!

We all know the feeling of waking up, looking in the mirror, and noticing some curves we hadn’t seen before (and no, not the good kind of curves). You know the small pouch sitting on top of your jeans, or maybe our arms are hanging a little lower than usual. Whatever the are or case may be we all have the same thought….it’s time for a diet.

Well there goes our life, our freedom. We’ve now joined the miserable clan of people who can’t go out to eat with friends or attend that birthday party we’ve been looking forward to for months. Now we’re bringing small containers of veggies to the barbeque while we watch Janice rip into her second helping of ribs. Our food life as we know it is now over, and now all we find ourselves doing is dreaming of the days we had the sandwich with the bread or could go 20 minutes without having to mention that we’re on a diet.

What if I told you it didn’t have to be this way?

What if I told you that we can diet and still eat the foods we like, go to those parties we want to, and not have to constantly carry what feels like the world’s smallest Tupperware with our “meal” in it.

Now I’m just crazy, right? Wrong.

Being on a diet does not mean we have to give up what we love or look at food as our enemy. We don’t have to live off grass or forget what chicken tasted like with seasoning. Hear me out, I’m telling you... yes you!  You can still eat healthy (forget the word diet, its overrated) and still live your life (maybe with a few minor adjustments).


The keys to successful eating are portion and moderation. So, no Carol, we can’t still have our slice of chocolate cake at midnight every night. We can though, pick that night of the week to spoil ourselves and go in for the kill on that chocolate mound of goodness (just one piece…see moderation and portion). Self-control is going to play a big factor here but hey, we had to have self-control to diet and avoid our favorite foods all together. Now we don’t have to deprive ourselves and we get to enjoy those foods.

Listen I’m not telling you to go out and eat pizza and cheeseburgers every night. If that’s the case, we will never get to see those pouches disappear. I’m telling you that we don’t have to be miserable when we eat healthy or avoid all of our favorite things. There are plenty of recipes that are based around those so good but so bad for us foods and have a healthy twist. Chicken parm, pizza, even ice cream can all still be enjoyed on a healthy eating plan, we just have to know how to make those alternative choices. Some of the choices are as easy as purchasing fresh tomatoes instead of a jar sauce or making our own whole wheat pizza instead of ordering from down the street.

Looking great and eating good food can indeed go in the same sentence, and no it certainly does not have to be hard. All we have to do is put some effort into our online recipe search and be more aware of what (and how much) we are putting in our body.


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Kate G. - Assistant Lifestyle Educator