Chances are you might be Overdoing Protein!

One of the hottest things out there right now is protein. So many companies are coming up with different protein shakes, bars, powders, foods, you name it they probably make it “packed with protein”.  So we should go out and spend our money on all of these products because they’re healthy right? I want to eat healthy and get a good workout in at the gym, so I NEED my protein shake before and after plus my protein recovery bar, right?


The truth is, no. We’ve been taught that protein products are the best way to get a good workout in and that we need to be eating a ton of these products to be “healthy” and “not feel guilty about our snacking”. In reality there is truth to “too much of a good thing” and there is also an additional cost for these products that some of us just can’t budget for every week.

So, if we don’t need all of our bars and shakes how are we going to get our protein?


The first step is to take a look at our diet. Once we take a step back a lot of us will realize that we get enough protein throughout the day simply by eating our 3 meals, and that all of the bars and shakes are actually putting us OVER our daily amount. Now will this kill us? No. But does that mean that we’re wasting our money on most of the products we are buying? Yes. And I don’t know about you, but I sure don’t have the money to just be wasting.

What foods have protein you ask? Here are some of the main protein sources in our diet:

  1. Turkey breast

  2. Fish

  3. Shrimp

  4. Lean beef

  5. Chicken breast

  6. Eggs

And that’s just to name a few. Looking at that list I bet some of us are starting to realize we eat multiple items from that list every day. Others may be looking at that list saying “I knew those were protein sources, but I don’t eat meat and fish” or “how else can I get the protein that I need”

Well here are a few non-meat protein sources:

This looks WAY more appealing doesn’t it!

This looks WAY more appealing doesn’t it!

  1. Almonds

  2. Brussel sprouts

  3. Oats

  4. Cottage cheese

  5. Greek yogurt

  6. Milk

  7. Broccoli

  8. Quinoa

  9. Lentils

And again, the list goes on. What I’m trying to get at here is that protein is in a lot more than we think, and there are a lot of us that don’t even realize how much protein we are consuming daily.

Now I’m not saying that there aren’t some who benefit from all the protein products. Vegans for example have a harder time meeting their protein needs because their sources are more limited. There are also some people who are just plain picky eaters, and don’t like half of the foods on that small list alone. In some cases, yes, protein products can be very useful and incorporated as part of the everyday diet. Most of us however do not need these products daily and instead can look to grab one when we are on the go and haven’t packed the best lunch or need a healthy snack.

Bottom line be aware of your dietary protein and save your money!

  • By Kate G. - Assistant Lifestyle Educator